sábado, 4 de junho de 2011


It's not that I don't believe in fairytales, I just never wanted one for me. 

In a certain way, I want way more than that. I don't like the ''prince charming'' and I'm far away from being a princess. 
I don't need life to be easy on me, because I know that I'm strong enough to handle it at its worst and most of all, I believe that the beauty is in the fight. 

So don't call me princess, I'm already a Queen.

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Bé disse...

We are actors, directors and writers of our own story. We will also be the only relevant judges of it, so... We better write ourselves one seriously good one!
Some wish for romances, others hope for the thrill. There is the drama and the terror, and for some even the science fiction. But it is the fairy tale that so many want, perfection.
    Yet, somehow no one seems to know what in fact is a fairy tale. They search for WaltDisney stories that were imprinted into their minds as they were growing up. People seem not to see, that perfection is nothing more than just the right kind of imperfection, and that fairy tales are a concept that depicts a larger more ambiguous picture. One where we are able to know ourselves, know the world around us and our place in it.

The fairy tale begins when we know this three simple things, the fairy tale IS all we get along the way to fulfill all that they mean. It is the feelings we feel, especially those which touch us differently and that forever make a mark; the things we achieve, especially those which put up an enormous fight to get; it is knowing that whatever it is, is inevitable, because it will fill you with endless purpose and never let you stop, mind you, LOVE, ensures you are not alone in this one fight. Learning about your place in the world means as well learning about the fact that there is one person just by your side, simply because that is her place.