domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

We may not have any certainties, we may feel left out and defeated, but we should know that deep down it was supposed to be like this. Sometimes we need to take ourselves out of our own story, drifting through our own memories to realize how important were the choices that we made and that it couldn’t have happened in any other way.   
We know damn well what we want, our own story is already written in our minds and we all know how we want it to end. However, life is trickier than that; sometimes we end up being on the back seat of our own movie without realizing how much we are missing out. Still, we keep fighting to take control, but sometimes it is hard to make it on our own… and I’m sure I will always need you by my side to pick me up of the ground every time I let myself fall.

I don’t aim for perfection; I just want all my dreams to come true… and from what I’ve seen so far, perfection is less difficult to achieve than that.

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